Leibniz - Leibniz

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  • There's a worthy premise behind Fairplay Records: they only release debut records by undiscovered artists. But such a laudable credo still needs talent to sustain its credibility. Thankfully, Leibniz has that in spades. A proud Bavarian—an accompanying press shot shows him with a plate of weisswurst, a pretzel and a pint of Auerbräu—now living in Leipzig, the skateboard-riding university student shows a lightness of touch here that belies his tender years. Squalls of guitar feedback herald "Allee" but then the clouds peel back, ushering in a subtly-distorted synth refrain, with a soft shuffle providing the rhythm track and an elastic bassline stretching out between the two. It's in the same ballpark as the type of emotive, bass-leaning house that George Fitzgerald is currently pushing. "In Der Bar" is just plain gorgeous, its early '90s deep house tropes colliding with chattering kicks and wistful electric piano. Leibniz's more experimental side comes out on "Monatskarte," a loping slo-jam where field recordings bookend Geiger counter hi-hats and decaying bass. It doesn't quite possess the immediacy of the tracks preceding it, but only the churlish could nitpick a debut EP so pregnant with promise.
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      01. Allee 02. In Der Bar 03. Monatskarte