POINT G - Underwater

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  • There's no doubt that Paris's underground scene is on the rise these days, but it's important to remember that it's always been there, and that it's given us lots of great music over the years. The trio behind Apollonia (Dan Ghenacia, Shonky and Dyed Soundorom) are a product of this environment, and for their label's fourth release they remind us of their city's heritage by unearthing one of its classics: "Underwater," a punchy deep house track by local luminary DJ Gregory, produced under the name .g. "Underwater" is the first cut off On the Raw Again, a 1998 EP that fetches something north of 100 euro on Discogs these days. Scroll down past the discouraging price and you'll see why it's so dear to Apollonia's hearts: "Much played at the time at Dan Ghenacia's classic Kwality afterparties at Batofar on sunday mornings," says one user. The song is upfront, simple and incredibly effective: a thick bassline, that garage-style bounce DJ Gregory does so well, and a wobbling, sub-aquatic melody that, combined with the occasional woooosh and bird chirp, gives it all a dreamy afterhours sheen. "Underwater" isn't the only decent track from On the Raw Again, but it is the only track on this single-sided record (cue a sigh of relief from anyone with the original EP). That shouldn't dim your view of the reissue—"Underwater" is strong enough to stand up on its own. Thanks to Apollonia, this one's poised for a return to Sunday mornings.
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      A Underwater