Posthuman - The Benz EP

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  • Posthuman's "The Benz" was originally from the 2011 Acid Relief compilation on Balkan Vinyl, which raised money for the DEC's East Africa Famine Relief appeal. And the first thing you'll notice about it is that it's a full-veined acid track. It doesn't call on very much: some raw, swung 909 hits, an imposing vocal stutter sampled from Wildchild's "Renegade Master," and a loopy one-bar acid bassline. It could do with taking us further in an oddball direction, but it's still a nicely offbeat take on the sound. The 303 line is the basis for the remixes, which take the squelch in atypical directions. Radioactive Man's remix is electro of a typically gritty, analogue disposition. He makes the bassline growl, and propels it with more complex, syncopated drum programming. The kicks are unusual, effectively combining a high-midrange punch with a sub-bass foundation. Ben Sims' storming techno remix, on the other hand, is all waves, escalating and descending. Some are lighter modulations; some are swells in the whole track. The acid line is nastier this time, and it's safe to say it would be reliable in its intended role at peak-time. "Company Man" doesn't centralise an acid line, but it's definitely warehouse rave, this time being rather more edgy and paranoid, with dissonant chord stabs. The restlessly experimental duo chop and drive the energy fairly aggressively this time—drum elements in and out, whipping delay and reverb, and so on—commanding attention throughout as a result.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Benz A2 The Benz (Ben Sims Acid Remix) B1 The Benz (Radioactive Man Remix) B2 Company Man