Omar-S - Triangulum Australe EP

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  • You might have expected Triangulum Australe, the latest EP from Detroit luminary Omar S, to feature three tracks, one for each of the stars in the constellation from which it takes its name. That would've made more sense, but then the FXHE boss has never been much concerned with convention. He just does what he does and the rest is secondary. As it happens, this latest outing comprises two wholly contrasting cuts. "Triangulum Australe (Say It in Space)" is a real heads-down minimalistic affair. A pounding 4/4 rhythm dominates the sparse landscape of nervy synths and muted, military snares, with a single high-pitched bleep resonating lethally throughout. A commanding humanoid vox heightens the track's futuristic ambience, cementing this as one of Omar S's most strikingly eerie works to date. From the skip in the opening beat of "Mayall II," one can sense something more blithe at play. Filtered snares bash against the kicks to form a frantic chassis, setting an animated platform from which to launch the track's defining feature. A most exuberant of synth lines tip-toes its way onto the stage, but once there it cavorts with confidence. It's classic Omar S: compose a catchy, instantly infectious hook and repeat until the cows come home.
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      A Triangulum Australe (Say It In Space) B Mayall II