Marcellis - Workshop 16

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  • Workshop has steadily built an impeccable reputation through veiled mechanics and a focus on timeless quality. Workshop 16 is no exception. Following his contribution to a split release for the label, Marcellis delivers a diverse palette of dreamy textures laced with dust and haze. Each offering differs vastly from the next. The A-side subtly smoulders to a climax of rich strings and obscure vocals. Echoing from right-to-left, a whisper of "does anyone even care" hugs the simple bassline. The only con to this cut is its length; a couple more minutes of reverie would have suited me fine. The B-side houses two compositions worlds apart from each other. The B1 begs to be dropped in the club. Its thick, rolling low-end is accompanied by woody percussion while the mid-section floats to-and-fro, making for the highlight of the EP. Meanwhile, the B2 emanates summer. Its melody shimmers repetitively, neither memorable nor unpleasant. Overall, an assorted journey worthy of the rubber stamp imprint.
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      A Untitled B1 Untitled B2 Untitled