Ulrich Schnauss and ASC - 77 EP

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  • Ahead of the release of his challenging fourth album, Ulrich Schnauss here collaborates with James "ASC" Clements for a one-off EP. While at first this may feel like an odd pairing, the two came together through mutual admiration. In an interview earlier this year, Schnauss mentioned his appreciation for the progressive drum & bass Clements and the Autonomic network are known for. Meanwhile, Clements and his associates have name-checked the German artist's celestial scores as a source of inspiration. Comparable to Kid Loco's lounge sound of the mid-'90s, the idyllic title track sits much closer to Schnauss' brand of dreamlike electronica than Clements' synthetic bass-scapes. The same can be said for "Pyramids" as it gently sways in immersive ambience. On the flipside, Clements' presence can be felt to resonating effect on the muscular futurism of "Theta," before "Moiré Pattern" brings the EP to a close via an orchestration of ethereal chimes reminiscent of Tubular Bells.
  • Tracklist
      A1 77 A2 Pyramids B1 Theta B2 Moiré Pattern