John Tejada & Josh Humphrey - Pulse Locker

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  • John Tejada has realigned his artistic focus in recent years to pursue a melodic, plaintive and almost operatic take on tech house. Now, marking the 63rd release via his 16 year-old Palette imprint, the Austrian-born veteran pairs for a third time with the LA-based composer and producer, Josh Humphrey. Titled in reference to the analog method of synching instruments, "Pulse Locker" follows on from 2009's "Marooned" and 2010's "Assimilation" by being an undercooked opus of bristling electronics. Utilising as little software as possible, the three tracks vary in texture and tempo yet remain distinctly similar in their coarse style. Amongst the assembly, a TR-808 is used to orchestrate the pulses of "Bifur Gates," while "Unanimous Arc" marries a menacing swirl of modular chords with SH-101-fuelled acid reverb. At times abrasive and certainly more disjointed than Tejada's recent leanings, this cerebral yet unremarkable release is by no means essential.
  • Tracklist
      A Pulse Locker B1 Bifur Gates B2 Unanimous Arc