Black Jazz Consortium - Codes and Metaphors Pt. 2

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  • Codes And Metaphors Pt. 2 is the second of three installments of what will eventually become Fred Peterkin's third album under his Black Jazz Consortium moniker. Grouped together by mood, the first part was intended to collate the "smooth and emotive" cuts, with this release presenting the deeper material. With its sensuous depth and honeyed vocals, the opening volume of this series reminded of Jazzanova's later, more breathy delicacies. In terms of style, this second chapter doesn't note a huge departure from its predecessor, but there is less sugar and slightly more substance. Led by the smoky whispers of Lady Blacktronika, the A-side "Your Love" moves soft keys around a slow yet steady groove to sit at the sultrier end of the deep house spectrum. "Heatrocks" shifts plaintive, extended tones through a frenetic orchestration of broken percussion, marking the EP's high point. On the B-side, Christina Wheeler lays down societal commentary over a stabbing assembly of pulses before Jus-Ed rounds off proceedings by fitting the lead track with a new drum frame to form a denser, somewhat off-kilter reprise. Pt. 2 is still short of the shimmering form the New Yorker has demonstrated in the past, but it's an improvement on the first release. With the forthcoming final installment set to represent the darker side of Black Jazz Consortium, hopefully the best of this unfolding album is yet to come.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Your Love feat. Lady Blaktronica A2 Heat Rocks B1 Be and Not Know feat. Christina Wheeler B2 Your Love feat. Lady Blaktronica (Jus-Ed Remix)