Footprintz - The Favourite Game

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  • Rumour has it the long-awaited Footprintz album is finished, mastered and waiting patiently in the wings. Why it hasn't quite met its scheduled 2012 release date is unclear, but nevertheless Visionquest continue to drum up support for the impending long-player with the release of the Montreal duo's third EP on their label. It is, incidentally, their strongest effort to date. On "Favourite Game" Footprintz finally get the balance right, administering the perfect dosages of steely, dance floor groove and dreamy synth pop drapery. Elegant electro chords sit atop the record's slow bassline strut, with the duo's romantic musings flitting effortlessly in and out. Where "Utopia" felt too sweet and "Dangers of the Mouth" too epic, "Favourite Game" is both composed and infectious. As is custom, no Footprintz release goes without a smattering of high-profile remixes. First up to the plate is disco tech minimalist Ivan Smagghe, who coats the original in his eerie veil. Keeping the pace slow, Smagghe starts by isolating the vocal over a heartbeat-style drum break, proceeding to then diligently layer bass hits, police sirens and ghostly synth licks to form a sinister, pulsating whole. On a similar tip, Visionquest head honchos Ryan Crosson and Lee Curtiss take Smagghe's stylistic approach on-board and fix it up for peak-time. Sped up and tweaked, the vocals become menacing whispers, positioned over thick four-to-the-floor kicks and a melange of dark, atmospheric sound.
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      A1 The Favourite Game A2 The Favourite Game (Ivan Smagghe On A Thin Line Remix) B The Favourite Game (Curtiss & Crosson Salt Factory Remix)