Crazy P - Heartbreaker

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  • Crazy P's eighth studio album, When We On, surfaced on Ralph Lawson's imprint in September last year, and Heartbreaker is the second single plucked from it, with a pair contrasting remixes from producer du jour Huxley and the ever-interesting Mark E. The original sees lead singer Danielle Moore's distinctive vocals used only sparingly in a track that's at the much more laid-back end of the Crazy P spectrum. Wistful piano and strings usher in a familiar walking bassline, handclaps and understated guitar licks, and together they give an end-of-the-night feel to proceedings, in contrast to Crazy P's often disco-fuelled chops. Similarly, 2012's breakthrough star Huxley shows relative restraint, and while many of his trademark elements are here—garage-y percussion, chopped-up vocals and '90s house stylings—it's a simple reappraisal that lets the feel of the original remain, albeit seen through Huxley's house-tinted eyes. Mark E comes from an altogether different angle with the EP's most interesting track, mining deep, reverbed depths with a slow-burning, shimmering remix that feels as if it's being replayed in a cave, Crazy P's parts only flickering at the edges in occasional moments of light.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Heartbreaker A2 Heartbreaker (Mark E Remix) B Heartbreaker (Huxley Remix)