Dan Ghenacia - Tracks On Da Road

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  • Arguably best known for co-founding the Freak n' Chic label in 2003, Dan Ghenacia has cut an influential figure within Paris's house music scene over the past decade. Having set-up Apollonia with fellow countrymen Dyed Soundorom and Shonky at the start of the year, the Frenchman marks the imprint's third release with the Tracks On Da Road EP. Forming the A-side, the aptly titled "Manhattan 85" pays homage to the '80s East Coast disco scene via glitter ball sheen and a weighty bassline. Despite treading such saturated ground, what this glossy nu-disco number lacks in originality, it just about makes up for in floor-swelling groove. With a buzzing pitch and recurring gospel hum tracking to a standard dub house loop, "Acid Walk" offers less to hold on to over the course of eight minutes. Completing the flip, "Da Doo Da" has more emphasis placed on percussive funk, but again, there's little featured of note.
  • Tracklist
      A Manhattan 85 B1 Acid Walk B2 Da Doo Da