Phase - Behind the Sun

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  • Reviewing British producer Phase's "Binary Opposition" last February, RA's Nick Connellan noted, "It's amazing how a small change in composition can have a huge impact." That's just as true of "Behind the Sun." It's a tense, monochromatic track in the vein of Ben Klock or, going back much further, Kanzleramt's Voodooamt, with a single bass tone mirrored in glancing minor chords and a rudimentary kick/hi-hat pattern given extra movement by tight, understated delay. It's carefully sculpted and expertly produced, but you won't be surprised by much at first. And then the chord changes, so quickly you might not even notice it, just a momentary toggle to and fro; that change happens just one or two more times over the course of the track, but it's enough to blow the dimensions of the thing wide open. "The Chasedown" is similarly bare-bones, with a sullen bass bleep plowing its way through a murk of staggered kicks and bells; this time, it's a whining, buzzing tone that gives the track shape and movement as it whips through the high-end, like a can opener tearing the roof off.
  • Tracklist
      A Behind The Sun B The Chasedown