Ena - Purported

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  • Ena's twitchy high-tempo tracks sound like a sea of spiders scuttling away rather than the sounds we would normally associate with drums. When it's infused with dubstep-friendly low-end, the result is something that's almost queasy. It's the reason why his RA podcast was one of the year's most surprising and, more importantly, flat-out amazing. On these two tracks for 7even, Ena further explores dubstep tempos. "Purported" pivots itself on a spectral bassline and the hazy remnants of a chord progression. Some percussive sounds and resonant samples provide bits of colour, but it's like a rainbow shining through the barred window of a solitary confinement cell. Like most of Ena's work, it doesn't really go anywhere, preferring to keenly explore the curious space it creates. The flipside doesn't let much more light in, and this time the drums sound dry and brittle, crumbling with every hit. The bassline flickers like a bad signal over broken chord washes. It's all a little unsettling, especially if you let yourself get lost in the vast swathes of empty space.
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      A Purported B Whereabouts