Happa - Beat Of The Drum

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  • 15 year-old Leeds producer Happa has already had the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Loefah and Four Tet fall under his bass-heavy spell. You can see why. His bass is dangerous, of the bowel-rearranging variety. "Beat of the Drum" begins with a twisted UKG rhythm before settling down—if you can call it that—into a discordant, jerking soundclash of spitting snares, synth pings, laser gun pulses and shrill vocal snippets. Bristol-raised producer Throwing Snow goes after the Machinedrum fanatics with his take on the track, working it into a raw, juke-leaning bouncefest, peppered with doleful synth swells. In contrast to the A-side, Happa's "Bring It Back" follows a more traditional path—of sorts. It's ostensibly jacking 4/4 techno but squeezed through a filter that amplifies the bass to +11 levels, unleashing it into an unholy storm of eerie synths and jaw-breaking drops. Church founders, DJs and party promoters Apes and Seb Wildwood celebrate their debut label release by twisting "Bring It Back" into a pared down house workout, with truncated bass keys and a percussive thwack. It's outshone by Happa, but you sense they're very happy for it to be that way.
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      A1 Beat of the Drum A2 Beat of the Drum (Throwing Snow Remix) B1 Bring It Back B2 Bring It Back (Apes & Seb Wildblood Remix)