Miaoux Miaoux - Autopilot EP

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  • With Autopilot, Chemikal Underground hook up with a fellow Glaswegian institution, Rubadub, for a package of remixes of the indie label's current beau de jour Miaoux Miaoux. "Autopilot" is plaintive, twinkling synth pop with a rumbling bass underbelly. Most interest will probably surround Auntie Flo & Esa's rework of "Hey Sound." The Scottish pairing, best know for their affiliation to Glasgow/London party promoters Huntley & Palmers Audio Club, twist the original into a percussively complex, euphoric, tribalish workout with—dare we say it—a touch of trancey keys poured on top. Think Hot Chip with their party faces on. Tom Furse, from big-haired, brilliant, psych rockers The Horrors, offers further proof that he and his mates can turn their hand to just about anything. His epic "Stop the Clocks" remix unfurls over ten minutes, from ominous, effect-drenched guitar skirls into trippy, Eastern-leaning breakbeat house and frenzied 808 claps—a none too distant descendent of The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows." LA beatsmith Echo Park shoves "Autopilot" into the mincer, grinding out a lolloping, schlock horror 8-bit bass march and there's a digital-only release for Discopolis' "Better for Now," the Edinburgh synth pop trio washing the track in celestial M83-style keys, coming across like chillwavers on the happy pills.
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      A1 Autopilot A2 Hey Sound! (Auntie Flo & Esa remix) B1 Stop The Clocks (Tom Furse remix) B2 Autopilot (Echo Park remix) Digital: Better For Now (Discopolis Remix)
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