Delroy Edwards - 4 Club Use Only

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  • If there's a line between artful distortion and crappy mixing, then Delroy Edwards' 4 Club Use Only is it. Edwards, yet another of L.I.E.S owner Ron Morelli's obscure discoveries, fits perfectly into the label's canon in this respect. "When the Glue Won't Burn" is the most distorted of the bunch. At times, the hi-hats sound as if rust has eaten right through them, while the kicks test the limits of the low-end. These two extremes offer a great framework for 303 and squishy, elasticised bass to cavort within. But the pièce de résistance comes in the form of tranquil chords, which loop infinitely and disconnectedly over the whole mess, offering a lovely sense of contrast. "Love Goes On and On" employs a similar make-up, right down to the serene chords, but gives the whole thing a stiffer finish. It's almost like a subtle negative; one which hits a touch harder. "Bells," on the other hand, departs significantly from its two siblings. Yeah, the foundation is still a racy kick/hat combo, but here, a particularly wooden-sounding xylophone bounces gleefully across the track's surface.
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      A 4 Club Use Only B1 Bells B2 Love Goes On and On