Various Artists - Preemptive Action Part II

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  • Pareto Park's third record, the second installment of the Preemptive Action compilation, shows the Barcelona-based imprint is fast shaping up as a dependable source for hard-hitting techno. Of the five tracks on offer here, for instance, three could slot right into the Perc Trax canon. But the other two, "Hammer" and "Morfokone," highlight Pareto Park's point of difference, presenting asethetics more about energy than abrasion. In the former, Japan's Ryogo Yamamori urges a 303 to soaring heights over concrete kicks and sparse percussion. It's really just a short sketch replayed several times, but the cut's thuggish drops and searing overtones are quick to induce amnesia. "Morfokone" favours a similarly busy approach, swapping out the 303 for writhing, steely tones and surging percussion. Here, there's no feeling of replay, tricky effects constantly scrunching the main motif into new and exciting shapes. Deadsound & Videohead—names first broken by Perc Trax—contribute "Pay Your Due" to the trio of pummelling tracks. Strangely enough, in this case the duo seem more interested in delivering a monologue of street wisdom than any compelling machine-noise. The result is as interesting as anything else the record has to offer, distorted breakbeats proving a solid framework for nuggets such as "listen to the teachers." Things start to get really brutal, however, with Jake Conlon's "Pull Your Neck In." Planted on broken kicks, his serrated rollercoaster of "melody" might, at some point, have been related to the 303. Now, its belligerent tones don't bubble so much as growl, accentuated by flashing, off-beat stabs. Label head George Lanham's own cut, "Rationale for Revenge," is the most ridiculously rabid of the bunch. Once again set on broken beats—an increasingly popular option of late, it would seem—its shrill howls could well soundtrack a prison break, blaring sirens and all. Lanham scores further points with his arrangement, too. With the first half devoted to slowly building tension, the break(out)'s eventual arrival imparts more adrenaline-filled relief than anything else.
  • Tracklist
      01. Dead Sound, Videohead - Pay Your Due 02. George Lanham - Rationale for Revenge 03. Jake Conlon - Pull Your Neck In 04. Ryogo Yamamori - Hammer 05. Morfogen - Morfokone