Portable - A Process

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  • Perlon all-star, Süd Electronic boss and contemporary vocal house hero Alan Abraham sounds like no one but himself: insatiably melodic, addictively rhythmic and unapologetically catchy, his tracks as Portable and Bodycode are a breath of fresh air in just about every house set you'd find them in. His first effort for Live At Robert Johnson may feature only one new tune, "A Process," but we'll take it: in both its original mix and the "Flutramental" we're treated to a late-summer jam that should keep us sweating straight through the year's end. For all its ebullience, "A Process" is a somewhat dark portrait of the artist. "Nothing worthwhile happens easily," Portable cautions over gooey house chords and hyperactive, tastefully redlined drumming—a combination so finely honed we're inclined to agree with him. But while making art may be "a painful process," Abraham makes it sound damn easy. Recalling the extended mix of Maxmillion Dunbar's "Polo" LARJ put out earlier this year, which used lush atmospherics to transform a quick-and-dirty house side into an epic capable of standing alone outside a DJ set, the "Flutramental" version uses its titular airy tones to lend the beat a more introspective bent than its club-ready vocal side. (An a cappella rounds out the B-side.) However many sleepless nights are behind such great house music, it's not for nought: that painful process is sure to lead to some pretty glorious moments on the dance floor.
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      A A Process B1 A Process (Flutramental feat. Lcio) B2 A Process (Acappella)