Rhadoo - Arhiva EP

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  • Dismissing previous critiques of his work as being "too experimental," Romanian DJ/producer Rhadoo has continued to cast light on strange realms existing somewhere between minimal, tribal and tech house. "Cum Oare" guides us through a 13-minute percussion session that could be a reexamination of the relationship between "tribal" or "world music" beats and modern techno; to others, it will certainly just be minimal house that samples hand drums. With live percussive samples that seem to wear themselves out in an attempt to break free from the framework of dance floor rhythm, it's both fascinatingly cerebral and satisfyingly groovy. "Geemac" flies under the radar with a deceptively straightforward metallic beat, only to alarm the listener with gnarly pitched-down vocal clips and rising pad afterthoughts reminiscent of cathedral reverberations. Once more playing off a juxtaposing theme, Rhadoo then introduces atonal, unpleasant synthesizer grunts. The Romanian word "Arhiva" translates to "Archive" in English. In an electronic music scene that appears to be pre-occupied with other musical trends at the moment, this may be a fitting title for this nonetheless accomplished 12-inch.
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      A Cum Oare (Intoarcese) B Geemac (Intoarcese)