Blawan - His He She & She

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  • "Why they hide their bodies under my garage?" It's an interesting question, to say the least, posed by a sampled voice—provenance unknown—that seems to get croakier and more disturbingly laconic with each repetition on the track of the same name. The question certainly gives you an uneasy feeling when looking at the cover art for His He She & She, the new Blawan record which poses it: did those happy faces staring up at us from fast-fading photographs scattered on terrazzo end up under this smoked-out dude's carport? Is "why" really the question we should be asking here? Blawan has always packed menace into his tracks—his percussion doesn't just smack you in the face; it toys with you in a bear-about-to-break-his-fast kind of way—but he's never really sounded as psychotic as he does here. Noisy, dissonant and packed with funhouse screams, it sounds like the rampaging prequel to the solitary confinement vibes found on Madteo's "Bugler Gold Pt. 1," the Joy O-fronted Hinge Finger's first release. Luckily for dancers, this bloodshed's pretty damn fun. The aforementioned "Bodies," fluttering around "Ellipsis"-style on YouTube for a minute, plus B-sides "His Money" and "And Both His Sons," pack a bounce that belies some pretty serious bellicosity. Only on "His Daughters," a veritable noise interlude, do we worry we might not make it out of these tunes alive.
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      A1 Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage A2 His Daughters B1 His Money B2 And Both His Sons