Blue Daisy x Unknown Shapes - Bedtime Stories EP

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  • Blue Daisy's bass-wobbling post-dubstep is really a brand of emotional urban electronica, with one foot in the Brit synth pop tradition and another in the age-old English soundsystem culture. His partners-in-crime in Bedtime Stories are the shadowy Unknown Shapes. It's an extraordinary noise that they construct. On the title track, "Bedtime Stories," the tempo they lay down sounds like breezeblocks being deliberately dropped out of the back of a lorry at regular intervals while "All Night Long" reverberates to elongated rave horns and womb-like sub-Cocteau Twins vocals. When beats aren't mammoth-sized, they are often non-existent—see "Wet Dreams"—but when they are, they have the power to remove fillings. And as this is an EP that nears album length—29 minutes and counting—that happens often. By the time you get to "Pillow Talk," whose parping analogue melodies eventually give way to a heart monitor beep that starts to decay, you may feel the need to wring yourself out like a sweat-drenched towel.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Insomniac Love A2 Bedtime Stories (Don't Stop) A3 All Night Long (Session) B1 Wet Dreams B2 Beautiful Nightmare B3 Pillow Talk