Climbers - 2 Come Back

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  • Most of the time, punters and writers alike have to separate the hype from the bare-naked reality when it comes to dance music. But the buzz that's built over Climbers seems entirely appropriate—"2 Come Back" is yet more evidence of that. The duo of Jay Blakk and Kiko Deal, from the Mexican border town of Mexicali, fashion a mood that mixes twisted West Coast house elements with dub stylings and deeper, techier flavours on "2 Come Back." It's punctuated by an insistent Chicago-esque vocal and prodding midtempo synth bassline, fed by pulses of echo and reverb. Miguel Campbell leafs back to the French house rulebook for his take, with a wandering, leisurely bassline and the lead vocal used only cursorily. It's intriguing, although stops short of really firing. Crosstown Rebels' signees, Fur Coat, strip the track back to the sinew, leading it screaming down to the basement. It's a disturbing mélange of evil synth melodies, growling stabs and Battlestar Galactica laser attacks, but it's the early hours ambiance generated by the original that's the most difficult to resist.
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      A 2 Come Back B1 2 Come Back (Miguel Campbell Club Mix) B2 2 Come Back (Fur Coat Remix)