Citizen - Room Service

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  • Leave them wanting more is an age-old showbiz tradition, which London underground party organisers Love Fever are obviously adherents to. Their debut label release, Bicep's "$tripper," certain to hit a few end of year "best-ofs," was limited to 500 vinyl copies. A similar ploy is used for release number two, from Citizen, AKA Laurence Blake. A hip-hop and New Jack Swing-loving south Londoner who debuted last year with an EP on Kerri Chandler's MadTech label, his sound thus far is classic soulful house braided with complex basslines and accomplished vocals. "Room Service" smoulders for its opening two minutes, an aural tease of clanking percussion making way for wobbling, clanging synths before finally opening out into a whipcracking groove. In Jimmy Edgar's hands, the EP meanders off to smokier climes with "Deeper Touch," the American shaping it into a brooding slow house jam of bubbling, popping, electric piano stabs and military snare passes. The plaintive "You Give Me Something" is the real doozy though. Warm, vocal deep house vibes, à la classic Wamdue Project, meets a Bashmore-style gurgling bassline. Two releases in, Love Fever is on a rapid ascent to staking a claim as one of the UK's best new house labels.
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      A Citizen - Room Serivce B1 Citizen vs Jimmy Edgar - Deep Touch B2 Citizen - You Give Me That Something