Trance Yo Lie / Madteo - Cosa C'E' Sotto? / We Do

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  • Norway's cult Sex Tags Mania crew have recently been collaborating with a similar scene of DIY-ish New York producers. Label boss DJ Sotofett performed alongside the likes of Madteo and L.I.E.S.' Svengalisghost in the city last month, and the former receives a Sotofett dub on this very tri-state area sounding 12-inch. As far as this writer can tell, Madteo's "We Do..." hasn't been released before, but its original incarnation probably sounded a lot different from Sotofett's straightforward "Dub Mix." The track takes a page from the legendary Club Zanzibar, as it's underlined by a boisterously punchy garage shuffle. There are hints of Madteo's signature creep in its glassy synthetics, but unlike the impressionistic remixes on the recent ReCast EP, "We Do..." shows his sound completely overhauled for the dance floor. The flip, contributed by the hitherto unknown Trance Yo Lie, delights. "Cosa C'e' sotto?" is the kind of sleeper hit the label has made its name on, a near-perfect groove for which a stock list of elements seems pointless, other than the "Trespassers"-style thudding kick and the murmuring line "Let go girl / You've got to play it smart." It's an instance of how far subtle simplicity can go, and its bleary, self-contained hypnosis warrants more attention than the record's limited pressing will grant it.
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      A Trance Yo Lie - Cosa C'e' Sotto? B Madteo - We Do... (DJ Sotofett's NYC Dub Mix)