Storm Queen - Let's Make Mistakes

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  • After "It Goes On," and "Look Right Through," Storm Queen—Metro Area's Morgan Geist and singer Damon C. Scott—return with another instant hit. The sound and vibe of "Let's Make Mistakes" are well in keeping with Storm Queen's two previous singles, with restrained, stepping drum programming, luscious bass synth and bright, stabbing keys. Scott's voice, as ever, is a thing of wonder: Hearing him scoop up those low notes is enough to cause goosebumps, and the breathy chorus of hey hey hey slinks deep inside your synapses. Like "Look Right Through," the new single foregoes the tricky bridges and modulations of "It Goes On" in favor of a more direct approach, with a rolling, three-note melody repeated across the bass and vocals. The duo's fondness for the imperative tense makes perfect sense: This is music with the explicit intention of moving you—emotionally as well as physically. And, for anyone with the faintest appreciation for the melodic, R&B-kissed house of the '80s, they do it with incredible panache.
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      A Let's Make Mistakes (Club) B Let's Make Mistakes (Dub)