Glimpse, Martin Dawson & Alex Jones - Fat Controller EP

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  • Not, you're probably unsurprised to hear, a four-to-the-floor tribute to the porcine railway boss in Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends. Instead, Fat Controller is an expansive three-tracker that boasts one truly standout moment. The title track finds kindred spirits Glimpse and Martin Dawson concoct a ballsy, swaggering, slow-burner. Its primary components are a bass synth motif that rumbles so low you could probably use it to frack for gas and a spoken baritone vocal that's been filtered to within an inch of its life. Then, in Roman Flügel's gentle hands, "Fat Controller" morphs into some sublime, spacey, deep analogue house. Full of synth trills, pitter-patter percussion, echoing rimshots and wonky windchimes, its chockfull of ideas yet sounds uncluttered. It's a masterful display. Hypercolour boss Alex Jones then gets into bed—metaphorically—with Glimpse to deliver a glowering, crunchy serving of dark house in "Faulty Female." But it's Mr Flügel's captivating turn that will live longest in the memory here.
  • Tracklist
      01. Martin Dawson & Glimpse - Fat Controller 02. Martin Dawson & Glimpse - Fat Controller (Roman Flugel Remix) 03. Glimpse & Alex Jones - Faulty Female