Sei A - You Can Bring EP

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  • Sei A has been making increasingly interesting records of late, but they've also been far less muscular—skeletal and moody, full of reticence. This debut on Will Saul's Simple changes things up, with Andy Graham settling into some of his most danceable grooves yet. "Bring to You" is still a fairly suggestive rather than saturated cut it must be said, with the ghost of Burial's brittle aesthetic not too far away. Stripped bare, knocking-on-wood beats, occasional dropped snares and diluted garage percussion form the backbone, with metallic synths emanating from the core like heat waves off hot tarmac. "Going Down" sees Graham recall the tough iron synths and grumbling clatter of his Kompakt release, but now the Scot couches them in rubbery house kicks and a bouncy groove and adds a clipped vocal phrase—"going down"—that hangs in the air above. Swedish house yahoo Axel Boman is charged with remixing "Bring to You" and does so in typically intoxicating style. The knocks and slaps of the original remain in place, but a flabbier kick drum adds weight to the track as waify little melodic lullabies drift in the distance. It's a patchwork, intricate construction, but one that lulls you into a woozy slow dance.
  • Tracklist
      01. Sei A - Going Down 02. Sei A - You Can Bring 03. Sei A & Axel Boman - You Can Bring (Axel Boman Remix)