Guy Gerber - Fabric 64

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  • Having to directly follow Levon Vincent's epic addition to Fabric's eponymous CD series was never going to be an overly flattering light for a DJ to find themself in. However, on Fabric 64 Israeli producer Guy Gerber sidesteps this issue somewhat by joining Ricardo Villalobos, Omar-S and Shackleton in becoming the fourth artist to craft their mix solely from their own productions. Much like Villalobos' Fabric 36, this polished contribution isn't just comprised from his own tracks, but entirely from new material purpose-made for the project. Giving a further dynamic—and apparently inspired by minimalist composer Steve Reich—the mix is intended to represent "one long composition" which gradually "changes mood" through a chain of single note alterations. Gerber seems better equipped for such a potentially thankless endeavour than most. He's built a reputation around the technical dexterity of his on-going live show, so working to a concept of this nature immediately seems less self-consumed. So has he pulled it off? Well, first and foremost, cloaked in silky fluidity, glossy sheen and breathy vocal samples, those of a tougher house persuasion are unlikely to find much solace here. However, fans of Gerber's refined and accessible output to date should find this clearly heartfelt ode to recent "personal changes" in the Israeli's life significantly more endearing. Achieving his two specified goals via the addition and removal of deep trance tones, the mix is certainly both seamless and emotive. Among the 16 cuts, Clarian North from Footprintz features on "Howling Moon" and Deniz Kurtel lends to the decent closer, "Just Wanna See You Happy," but it'll be "A Blade Through My Piano" that will prove to be the anthem. Fabric 64 is not a release that's likely to win favour with house purists, but only the blinkered could fail to acknowledge the meticulous craftsmanship on show.
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      01. Guy Gerber - Store-House Consciousness 02. Guy Gerber - The Golden Sun and the Silver Moon 03. Guy Gerber - Shady Triangle 04. Guy Gerber - The Naked Hairdresser 05. Guy Gerber - Ribbons Turn To Chains 06. Guy Gerber - The Rhythm 07. Guy Gerber - A Blade Through My Piano 08. Guy Gerber - One Day in May 09. Guy Gerber feat. Clarian North - Howling Moon 10. Guy Gerber feat. Clarian North - Running Through the Night 11. Guy Gerber feat. Lady Falkor - Lady Falkor 12. Guy Gerber - The Money Shot 13. Guy Gerber - Moon Blur 14. Guy Gerber - My Medicine 15. Guy Gerber - Human Raft 16. Guy Gerber feat. Deniz Kurtel - Just Wanna See You Happy