Matthew Dekay and Lee Burridge - Lost in a Moment

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  • Matthew Dekay and Lee Burridge's previous collab, February's Für Die Liebe, saw the duo place floating choirs and strings onto a crunchy tech house beat. Their newest 12-inch, Lost in a Moment, follows an identical format, pinning ethereal melodies to a clave-led rhythm section. It's an aesthetic clearly derived from Burridge's year-old label and party brand, All Day I Dream. Banking on sunshine, the outdoor parties aim for "music [which] makes you smile and melt a little." And that's an apt description of "Lost in a Moment," whose gaseous chord spirals rival the beauty of its predecessor. They may even surpass it, in fact. It's easy to see why dance floors have been lapping up the blissful piece. But are they dancing to it, or just going weak at the knees? The beat isn't overly dynamic, more so tasked with keeping time than accentuating. On the flip, Dixon's remix better fulfils this need, fleshing out the percussion to a meatier, more varied thud, and slicing one of the duo's melodies into a rhythmic, arpeggiated twang. As a result, his version lopes rhythmically along, yet sacrifices few of the elated moments that no doubt gave Lost in a Moment its title.
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      A Lost In A Moment B Lost In A Moment (Dixon Rework)