Rhauder feat. Paul St. Hilaire - Sidechain

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  • Few subgenres in electronic music seem as fixed as dub techno: pick up a marbled 12-inch bearing the name of one physics concept or another, and you more or less know what you're in for. Marco Rhauderwiek—Rhauder to most—challenges that perception, opening the usual signifiers up to deliciously funky infiltrations. His latest for Ornaments, "Sidechain," is a follow-up of sorts to "No News," his 2009 collaboration with Paul "Tikiman" St. Hilaire. But where "No News" floated dreamily towards dawn, "Sidechain" finds Rhauder and Tikiman wide awake, pushing a refreshingly immediate sound. Kicking off in a mist of Maurizio-esque shades, the original mix of "Sidechain" quickly sharpens its teeth, with snappy handclaps and an insistent bassline providing St. Hilaire with a prickly bed on which to drop knowledge. (The vocal production, present and intimate with the slightest trace of delay, is commendably subtle.) A dub version leads us into the steam room on the back of a stronger beat and gooier melody, and a quick Pop-A-Dub version distils the original's brightest colors into something like a radio edit. It all adds up to as lively a dub techno record as you're likely to hear—a tune sure to pair nicely with your locale's next heatwave.
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      A Sidechain B1 Sidechain (Dub Version) B2 Sidechain (Pop-a-Dub Version)