Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft - Duplex Ride (The Remixes)

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  • Sidsel Endresen and Bugge Wesseltoft are two veteran Norwegian jazz artists—Endresen a singer, Wesseltoft a pianist—who seem to have made a strong impression on Berlin's morning-techno label Sleep Is Commercial. Samples from the duo's 1998 album Duplex Ride now find themselves fitted into a vinyl collection of remixes from Hubble, Public Lover (AKA Bruno Pronsato and Ninca Leece) and Andrea Ferlin. The soft vocals and plaintive bits of piano from "You Call Me" seem to be the focus of these four edits, and Hubble's version, which augments the dreary source material with simple, dusty percussion and spaced-out drones, feels most faithful to the original. Public Lover's reinterpretation has singer Leece on lead vocals, twisting up a few of the original lyrics and adding plenty of decadent charm. Coupled with Pronsato's lively drums (and some particularly nifty basslines), it's hard to resist Public Lover's playful pull, but Ferlin's two efforts are just as worthy of attention. His "Visionaria S.E.," with its cut-up vocal loops and gorgeous atmospherics, stands in contrast to Hubble's dirge-like edit, but my favorite track of the bunch is probably the "Wood" remix. There's a delightful break in the middle of that one, which answers Endresen's calls with mellow, noodly vibraphone riffs—a surefire way to prod tired bodies and minds back onto the floor for just a few more hours.
  • Tracklist
      A1 You Call Me (Hubble Remix) A2 You Call Me (Ferlin's Visionaria S.E.) B1 You Call Me (Public Lover Reinterpretation) B2 You Call Me (Ferlin's Wood Remix)