Cosmin TRG - Vertigo

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  • This is Cosmin TRG's first release of 2012, and, according to the press release, it's the first product of a newly revamped studio. Whatever he did to soup it up, his sound does seem slightly beefier here. It fizzes less around the edges; the drums have more bite, and the low-end wallops harder. That's especially true on "Sommer," with its broad, boomy kick and relentless snare and tom tattoos. Based on a cycling, three-chord riff, it displays a similar pent-up energy to that of his labelmate A Made Up Sound, save, perhaps, the latter's tumbling polyrhythms. Cosmin TRG keeps his drums on a tight leash as he careens from crescendo to crescendo. "Vertigo" is softer, suffused with bells and those misty chords that characterized his Rush Hour releases. Even when he heaps on the delay, though, "Vertigo" sounds more focused than his housey forays of a few years ago, building up billowing clouds of tone and then plowing through them with jackhammer 909 snares. Beneath its restrained veneer, it kicks and thrashes.
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      A Vertigo B Sommer