Scott Grooves - The Journey Revisited

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  • In the age of meteoric rise (and, all too often, the requisite falling off the face of the planet), Scott Grooves is one of those slow-burners—a guy who's worked through the ranks in Detroit, distilling myriad musical influences and talents into an organic, lived-in sound you couldn't imagine springing up overnight. Originally released in 2004 on his now-dormant From The Studio Of Scott Grooves label at something like the midpoint of his career so far, "The Journey" was the sound of hungry talent. Though curiously transitional, merging the thump of Detroit house and techno with the distinct groove of live jazz for a moment that's equal parts the Aztec Mystic and Theo Parrish, it has a drive that's all his. The track is now back on the shelves care of Grooves' Modified Suede Recordings, and it remains a force to be reckoned with: save Ron Trent, few producers can evoke the power of a full band quite like Grooves. For nearly ten minutes, Grooves' rogue band of congas and MIDI cables gallop through enough peaks and valleys for an entire continent. If some of the sounds haven't exactly aged to perfection—the synths carrying the main melody may lay it on a tad thick for ultra-contemporary tastes—the way they burrow into you feels rather timeless. A beatless mix, scooping out the kick but otherwise leaving the groove unsullied, re-emphasizes "The Journey"'s musicality, but the slamming original is really the jewel of the package.
  • Tracklist
      A The Journey B1 The Journey (Beatless Mix) B2 The Journey (Acapella)