Bleak - The Jupiter Theft EP

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  • Skudge compatriot Santiago Naura, AKA Bleak, probably won't surprise many with this release, but it's a pretty tight three-tracker that is funky enough to keep things interesting and subtle enough to show promise. The only disappointing aspect, really, is that the solid Skudge remix isn't more of a departure. The original of "Scanners" is a low-level, dank, pulsing beast, across which intermittent synapses of sound connect and fragment. Skudge beef things up and the fuller sonic spectrum sounds more refined, but it still feels like they've played it a little safe. Best of the trio is "Stamina," which builds and gains a trance-like momentum, sounding a little like Sterac in the process.
  • Tracklist
      A Scanner (Skudge Remix) B1 Scanner B2 Stamina