And.Id - Black Mamba

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  • "Black Mamba"'s aesthetic is a rigid, digital and loopy one that sounds as if it were made in the myriad connections of a motherboard rather than the living, breathing real world. Ironically, then, it's tough to ID it as belonging to anyone in particular: Grecian Andreas Dimitriadis' tune might be made up of acid bits, a mired diva wail, circling tech house grooves and some unhinged string plucks, but together they never quite mesh, instead sitting next to each other like rather disassociated parts. "Air" strips things back and is all the better for it. Here the rubber kicks form a nice bed from which widescreen synths sweep left to right, and the track races through micro-evolving chord stabs and rattling cowbells. The trumpet that comes late lingers melancholically. "Girl" is best of all. This rollicking house track comes with grubby, finger plucked bass notes, explosive claps and genuinely jazzy keys drenched in seas of echo. Each time the Andrés-esque progressions ring out, they sweep you—or your heart—upwards.
  • Tracklist
      A Black Mamba B1 Air B2 Girl (And.ID & BAND Version)