Alphabets Heaven - Boosh

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  • I was surprised to learn that Alphabets Heaven was from the seaside English resort town of Brighton and not the hills of Los Angeles, considering the jerky, glitchy hip-hop he makes. But while Jonny Wildey's sound is as sample-heavy as any of the Brainfeeder crew, he doesn't treat his snippets of sound as thoroughly. The tunes on Boosh are handfuls of gently knocking glass fragments, left (somewhat) untouched rather than filtered into fuzzy construction paper cutouts a la Samiyam. The result is dynamic tracks like "Boosh," where melodies curl off the end of bars like smoke rings. It's not all jazzy synths and loping beats. The comparatively frantic "genggeng" sounds like it's running into brick walls at every stop, with bizarre vocal syllables piling up throughout. Meanwhile, "Soul Dancing" uncoils harp scales and twists them into a driving melody that can't help but shimmer even in its fits of stutters. The EP ends on the confusing "Deartentonine," with Wildey turning everything inside out so that the bucking basslines are at the centre of the tune and the meaty midrange is stuck in peripheral earshot, only heard in fleeting gasps. The Alphabets Heaven material has always been intriguingly dense, almost dizzy, and while he's still got a while to go before he truly stands out from the pack, it takes a certain amount of skill to juggle all these disparate sounds at once and not end up with a mess.
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      01. Boosh 02. Genggeng 03. Soul Dancing 04. Deartentonine
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