Clockwork & Avatism - Archetypes EP

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  • Clockwork's rise from recent non-existence into darlings of bouncy, reverb-heavy house has been well documented since their breakthrough Hot Creations release back in 2011. Fellow Italian Avatism hasn't had quite the same levels of press attention that a Jamie Jones-affiliated release now seems to guarantee, but the three producers seem to have a demonstrably similar outlook on the kind of music we should all be listening to, an outlook brought to life by this, their first collaborative effort on Berlin's Dumb Unit. Not quite as sleazy as Clockwork's "It's You Again" nor set in such free-flowing dreamscapes as Avatism's "Taking it Too Seriously," the majority of Archetypes occupies a dusty groove between dejection and optimism; on the one hand you have the tightly-wrung claustrophobia of "One Trick Pony," on the other, the soothing caress of "Archetype." Crucially, though, these elements are not exhausted on a single track; despite having very different tonal outcomes, it's still obvious they've been made from the same base stock. Depending on how you like your house served, "Hail" will be either a high or low point. Its eerie pads and sultrily reluctant vocals bring to mind a few too many records that have done the same with more satisfying results, but Avatism's remix is unquestionably excellent, with a dominant bassline and occasional, lethargic keys combining with undeniable class.
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      A1 Clockwork & Avatism - One Trick Pony A2 Clockwork & Avatism - Archetype B1 Clockwork - Hail (Avatism Remix) B2 Clockwork - Hail