Kowton - More Games

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  • Bristol's Joe Cowton has a sort of quiet dignity that matches his stripped-back, elemental house, but his first solo release for Peverelist's Livity Sound imprint is one of his most forceful and attention-grabbing releases yet. It feels funny saying that since these are also some of his most minimal tracks. There doesn't need to be, either, since more than ever Kowton squeezes the most out of simplistic sounds, an almost primitive physicality manifested in speaker-rattling booms. "More Games" is gutted by a bruiser of a bassline. But with shuddering snares, distorted handclaps and shrieking strings that all seem to take turns savagely shaking the groove, it's a dynamic writher that squirms as much as it stomps. Compared to the A-side's bloated, top-heavy swing, "Jam 01" initially feels steely and stiff, but once the snares stumble their way the track dips deliriously into pockets of behemoth sub. Somehow, even as they get more desaturated, Kowton's tracks seem to only grow more lively.
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      A More Games B Jam01