Parassela - Parassela

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  • For serial collaborators, minting a new act is as common as changing a t-shirt. This is the third collaboration between Blawan (who's Karenn with Pariah) and the Analogue Cops (the Third Side with Steffi, among others) and their first under the recently debuted moniker/label Parassela. Just as the name changes, so does the sound. The warmer, lankier grooves from their previous Cursory EP have been replaced with a four tracker that's a few notches faster and booming with forward inertia. It's a caustic, claustrophobic record in the vein of Downwards—flattening lead kicks, scuzzed hats in a filter-twisted mist of analogue scum. The EP bristles with one-take energy: rigid swingers kept wiry by the live, at-the-knobs feel of the production. Frontloaded with the heaviest cuts, A1 is a raw, contorting half-bar acid line with strict drumline percussion a la Marcello Napoletano's "Everyday Madness." A2 is techno at a brisk 140 BPM, with hollowed-out, barrelling kicks and a pitched-to-oblivion vocal sample. The flip is the cushier side by far, with B1's hazy Detroiter synths slouching towards climax followed by a Blawanese stomp in a wash of hay thresher/engine block atmospherics on B2. The EP shows Parassela going deeper into an already dense, hardware-sculpted sound (peaks, squelch, fuzz and all) and, from the sound of it, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
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      A1 Untitled A2 Untitled B1 Untitled B2 Untitled