Rush? - Japan Ice EP

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  • Bass Culture continues a run of good form here with a debut EP from Italians Alfredo Caforio and Gianni Sabato. Collectively known as Rush? there's nothing in their music as euphoric or heady as the name suggests, but plenty of deeply channelled subterranean grooves instead. The first two are drawn out dubby techno bangers that seem to pause time and space as they explore the beauty of frictionless repetition, with the third, "Sampler Special," coming over like an amped up New Jersey house bomb from the early '90s. "Snaster" gets much more elastic, bouncing up and down rather than barrelling tirelessly forward, though Gerd's remix is the best thing on offer here. Ever on-point (though never the same point) the Dutchman weaves in a multitude of frayed basslines, twists in some skewed synth stabs and generally makes everything seem much fizzier and fuzzier... exactly how you will feel, no doubt, when you hear it at 4 AM on some suitably sleep-deprived dance floor.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Japan Ice A2 Sample Special B1 Snaster (Gerd Mix) B2 Cortometraggio