Quenum - Another Day EP

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  • Phillipe Quenum is a man who has been associated with more labels than the Selfridges' fashion department in a career that has spanned decades. Is it any surprise the Swiss producer has added another one to that list? Quenum brings all that experience to bear on his first outing with Serialism, across four divergent tracks albeit with a shared DNA—and bags of atmosphere. "Another Day" spends its first half as a showcase for Quenum's tight programming skills, the tribal toms and chiming percussion eventually ceding to Slam-style drum patterns and undulating synth swells. In contrast, "Everyday People" is a foray into elegant, silky deep house before "My Furious Thing" quickens the pulse again with a vapour cloud of Detroit techno rolling across it. It's rather odd that the EP's most charismatic moment, "Electric Prayer," is not available on all formats (it's digital only). Underpinned by a clanking rhythm that sounds like a group of Hare Krishna practitioners walking past in leg irons, there are freeform jazz improvs played out on analogue keys and deep synth drones accompanied by woody, echoey percussion. Epic in construction and refreshingly twisted in equal measure.
  • Tracklist
      A Another Day B1 Everyday People B2 My Furious Thing