Jonsson/Alter - Mod Mixes

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  • How Henrik Jonsson and Joel Alter's Mod album for Kontra-Musik flew so far under the radar is beyond me, but its remixes may get people talking in ways that their supremely low-key full length couldn't. Of the three remixers Kontra-Muzik brought on board, two are absolute powerhouses: Minilogue, still among the most prolific and respected production teams in minimal techno, lend a certain gravitas to whatever they touch, and few can worm their way into the heart of a track like Donato Dozzy. Alexander Berg, one half of Genius Of Time, turns in the darkhorse remix as Dorisburg, and although he's the least known of the bunch, it's doubtful an unfamiliar name will scare anyone off from a release on one of the stronger, stranger techno labels around. At first blush, Minilogue's remix of "Kyrka 2.0" is a bit disappointing. Save the tempo, Minilogue's production signatures—loping arpeggios, snappy beat—not all that much has changed. Still, the forlorn original seemed to long for the club, and it's worthwhile to have a version that could take it there. Not unlike his famed "Nonneo" remix for Tin Man, Dozzy's take on "Acapellan" zooms in on what makes the original tick and casts his peculiar light on it: it's not profoundly altered, but its bassline feels heavier and more alluring than before, its atmosphere just a touch more psychedelic. And that darkhorse remix? Dorisburg's mix of "Djup House" closes out the set nicely, low-key and blissed out with hands firmly on the bassline's reins.
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      A Kyrka (Minilogue Will Of Wind Remix) B1 Acapellan (Donato Dozzy Remix) B2 Djup House (Dorisburg Remix)