Pepe Bradock - Imbroglios Part I

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  • A new release from fawned over Frenchman Pépé Bradock is always something to get excited about. In the case of this Imbroglios EP on his own Avatisme, though, it may take a while: there's no instant classic à la "Deep Burnt" or "Path of Most Resistance," but instead four relatively complex cuts that take more than a few listens to really understand. It's almost like two or three different film strips are running on top of one another at the same time during "Katoucha?" with streaming organ lines, subliminal bass pulses and shuddering claps all adding up to something chaotic but controlled. Though much of Bradock's music could be described as soundtrack-y, "Attaque De Boulangerie" is an extreme example of that. Disjointed, roughshod piano notes, squealing synths and rattling harmonies bring to mind everything from phosphorescent plankton to newly spawned micro bacteria. "Inconsequent Pussy" is likely to prove the EP's most enduring and playable joint: Complete with extra loud cat purring samples, thin melody lines and more micro percussive details, the arrangement eventually convalesces into colourful, unhinged but skippy deep house. "12Turn13" goes deep and introverted in its many layers, hiding vocal echoes amongst dissonant chords as a flapping bottom end ticks along at a fair lick. Perfect for those trippier late night hours.
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      A1 Katoucha? A2 Inconsequent Pussy B1 I2TurnI3 B2 Attaque De Boulangerie