Sasch BBC & Caspar - Supersonic

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  • Despite being from Germany's notoriously techy and loopy Rhein-Main-Area, Sasch BBC's "Supersonic" is decidedly disco-tinged and sunkissed. It's got a warm bobbling bassline, sprinkles of nu-disco effects and a humid, breathy male vocal encouraging us to "get on the floor" and asking "what's it gunna take to get a score"... pop house for the Hot Creations generation basically. Of the alternate versions, the Amine Edge & Dance remix gets a little more strident and the bass notes get raspy; Atapy changes the mood to one of slight unease and NTFO strips away some of the smeared neon tones to make for a deep and fine grain roller. The best version, however, might just be the digital exclusive Fog remix. Just like said weather phenomenon, there's a veil of mist coating the whole arrangement which dampens down the disco dazzle and makes for something a bit more subtle and suggestive in place of the sleaze elsewhere.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Supersonic A2 Supersonic (Amine Edge & Dance Remix) B1 Supersonic (NTFO Remix) B2 Supersonic (Atapy Remix)