Alejandro Paz - Callejero

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  • Promoters Huntleys & Palmers are better known for their London and Glasgow events than their handful of releases, but have been gaining recognition as a fledgling label ever since the seemingly ubiquitous "Oh My Days" from Auntie Flo dropped late last year. While it isn't quite as gloriously addictive, Alejandro Paz's debut EP on the label sees him exploring territory not all that distant to Auntie Flo's signature sonic carnival. Blending irresistibly catchy chopped up vocals with chiming synths and underpinning it with constantly fidgety percussion, the A-side is a perfect slice of radio-friendly funky house. More of a late night guilty pleasure than anything else, it's guaranteed to get bodies moving. B-side "Cumbia" follows much the same approach, but is imbued with a marginally harder edge due to the more insistent beat and darting, shimmering synths that drive the tune along with a skip and a whistle. Ultimately both cuts tread the thin line between dance floor mayhem and soundtracking a car insurance advert—presumably a risk you have to take when making house music this irrepressibly upbeat and catchy. Thankfully Alejandro Paz, while admittedly teetering on this tightrope, just about manages to pull it off.
  • Tracklist
      A Callejero B Cumbia A Lo Lejos