Jimmy Edgar - This One's for the Children

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  • Perennial sleazeball Jimmy Edgar is among the last guys you would expect to write a song with "children" in the title, but here we are. "This One's for the Children" represents the first two cuts to emerge from the Detroit-born producer's forthcoming LP Majenta, and while neither strays far from his brand of sexed-up electrofunk, the title track in particular shows him adding some refreshing innovations to that sound. "This One's for the Children" is possibly the most anthemic piece Edgar's ever released. He's never been shy about the influence Prince has had on his work, but it channels his half-spoken, half-chanted side (see: "Controversy"), which Edgar hasn't touched much before. He delivers a seemingly free-associative monologue above a restrained arrangement of bleeping electro (an instrumental is also provided), its semblance of a chorus declaring, "we don't like television/we don't like new wave." Its unscripted quality makes it meander—and the part about the "children" isn't made especially clear—but it's a bravely confrontational effort all the same. By contrast, "Switch Switch" fits neatly in with his more experimental work. All twitchy funk squiggles and jerky, high-speed drums, it's Edgar doing what he does best.
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      A This One's For The Children B1 Switch Switch B2 This One's For The Children (Instrumental)