Erell Ranson - When the Sea Turns Black EP

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  • Erell Ranson is a French producer with a decidedly Detroit sound. His work is consistently smooth and sophisticated, and this EP is no exception. On "When the Sea Turns Black," synth bubbles glisten over deep bass and retro beats. Three chords repeat, occasionally lurching downward. "Why Ask Why?" is more symphonic, with a melody that's a cross between Virgo Four and Rhythim is Rhythim. The title is spoken, but remains fittingly difficult to decipher. Soothing strings suggest a koan, not just a paradox. The third and final track, "Confessions of a Fisherman," contrasts deep, lush bass with an almost gratingly high-pitched rattle. A thoughtful keyboard line and accompanying mid-range sweeps provide heart. These tracks breathe life into classic techno, making for a moody late night listen.
  • Tracklist
      01. When The Sea Turns Black 02. Why Ask Why 03. Confessions Of A Fisherman