Adeline - Love Handles You

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  • Take one addictive bassline, a stodgy dollop of synth, a smattering of sensual female vox and you've got yourself a dance floor delight. That seems to be the recipe for newcomer Adeline and her "Love Handles You" two tracker on Get Physical's wee sister Kindisch anyway. Having contributed her vocal charms to Einmaleins and Blu Fin releases last year, Kindisch sees the Stockholm native drop into the producer seat. As headliner, "Love Handles You" swoops around a three stab bass arrangement. Built with crisp snare drums, simple hi-hats and rounded off in the latter stages with a throbbing automated synth, "Love Handles You" is simple in its ingredients yet extremely effective in its job of jacking the club floor. "Taking Me Over" on the flip rides a similar sound palette of bass-led phenomena, yet packs a little more punch. Bubble popping percussion couple with an acidic synth melody and warm vocal taunts, injecting a type of movement very different from the show stealing bassline style of the A-side.
  • Tracklist
      1. Love Handles You 2. Taking Me Over