The Sound Of Movement - Mixed By Bryan Gee

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  • One of the UK's premier drum'n'bass nights totally dedicates itself to the breakbeat sound pushing the 160 bpm mark and the latest mixed CD, The Sound Of Movement, follows on from the hugely successful, The Brazilian Job mixed by Movement resident, DJ Marky. This time, Movement have called upon the skills and expertise of jungle veteran Bryan Gee to man the decks. Drum'n'bass fans will recognize many familiar names such as Roni Size, J Majik, Dillinja, DJ Marky, Ray Keith and the EZ Rollers, which should give an indication to the style of drum'n'bass being locked down in the mix. The Sound Of Movement represents the charged up, dancey side of drum'n'bass without getting lost in techy elements, yet it still manages to keep the bass nice and heavy such as the opener Trust Me by Roni Size. Size makes a return with Uncensored and again alongside Reprazent crew members Krust & Die in 3Way with Appreciation which is typical funky bass Repreazent mayhem. MC Tali lends her vocal talents to Kamanchi for Soul beat Calling, and Dillinja keeps the female vocal theme going with This Is A Warning - check out the warped bass and sci-fi film stabs - pretty wicked! The mix continues on with a female vocal theme in the early stages with Danny C's Take Me Back and Feel It while Calibre's Hold Back sits on a more relaxed chilled out vibe, perhaps a little too early in the mix. Thankfully M.I.S.T and High Contrast's 3AM leads the charge again with some danceable beats and vocal stabs Probably one of the biggest drum'n'bass anthems in recent times (alongside Shake Your Body of course) is LK by DJ Marky & XRS. M.I.S.T have contributed a remix for it and it's a fresh take on the original - improvised vocals cut up alongside the original vocals and keeping the spanish guitar melody while adding more percussion to the mix. The EZ Rollers live up to their name by bringing out a roller of a jungle tune with the synth filled Back To Love while Infrared brings back the latina vibe that LK brought in with his version of Capoeira alongside the vocals of Gil Felix. Ray Keith covers the reggae tune No No alongside vocalist Alexandra and Freestylers MC Navigator before it all winds down to an uplifting finish with Ill Logic & Raf's Electrozan - a heavy percussive vibe alongside female vocals. The Sound Of Movement features 20 exclusive tracks, so out of the 22 tracks that appear in the CD, the exclusiveness rating is at a whopping 90.9%, should be a selling point for the drum'n'bass people who love their tunes fueled up, charged up and funked up - this is drum'n'bass not just for listening, but for some real all-night dancing. The sticker included on the front of the CD shows various dance music publications giving it high praise, one even going so far to call it "... the best drum'n'bass mix album ever". Best drum'n'bass mix ever? errrr I dunno, I've still got a big thing for DJ Hype's Fabriclive and even more so for DJ Plus One's Champion Sounds and Craze's Nexxsound mix album, however Movement are taking a step in the right direction putting out quality mixes to get butts ont he dancefloor - The Sound Of Movement? nah The Sound FOR Movement.