King Britt presents - Fhloston Paradigm

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  • A few weeks back, Agoria's RA podcast tied up some of the best in dance music over the past decade, including King Britt's juggernaut remix of Josh One's "Contemplation." Just in case you've been holding out for a sequel all these years, then I'm afraid Britt's latest soubriquet, Fhloston Paradigm, will disappoint. If you're into '80s sci-fi soundtracks however, it's immediately apparent on this Hyperdub release that Britt has a love of Vangelis and, especially, John Carpenter. The latter both directed and wrote the oppressive, paranoid music which accompanies his tense, dystopian nightmare, Escape from New York. Britt's obsession is readily, some might say shamefully, apparent in opener "Chasing Rainbows"; constructed with analogue gear, it's a too brief homage to Carpenter, all growling bass keys, drawn out synths and primordial digital percussion. The opener's brevity is in direct contrast to the sprawling "The Chase," with its Kraftwerkian, Teutonic flavour and neck-snapping electro rhythm. Longer still is the final cut, "Lilout's Seduction," a ten-minute plunge into an Aphex Twin-style ambient electronic bubble bath. An EP that acts as a beautiful counterpoint to house music's current vogue for bedroom analoguistas.
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      A1 Chasing Rainbows A2 The Chase B Liloo's Seduction